Information on ISO 9001


The International Organisation for Standardisation released a standard to check for quality organisations, the ISO 9001 standard. It checks for both the quality of the products or services rendered by a company and also to meet the requirements outlined by the authorities. It is an integral part of any company and should be handled with dignity and care. The following are crucial information concerning the ISO 9001 certification.

Importance of ISO 9001 to a company

It improves productivity – improving the quality of goods/ services rendered enables a company to attract more customers, which in turn enhances the company’s productivity.

It improves efficiency – by following the policies outlined in the ISO 9001 standard, a company can improve its operation and consequently reduce costs involved in the production.

It facilitates customer satisfaction – improving the quality of products is aimed at meeting the customers’ needs. Therefore, it makes customers satisfied with the quality of the goods or services they receive from that company.

It facilitates problem-solving – having ISO 9001 accreditation puts your company in a position to quickly get a solution to a problem that may arise and how to solve the future situation best.

It gives the company a positive reputation in public – ensuring that the company is ranked above those not ISO 9001 certified. This is useful, especially in the current world situation of stiff competition.

Some of the compulsory documents requirements for ISO 9001 standard

Internal audit report – it is mandatory for every company to carry out internal audits, assess their operations and processes, and find out if they are adhering to the ISO 9001 standard.

Documentation of corrective actions – they must detail the steps they will take to solve a particular issue from audits. It must conform to the rules outlined by ISO 9001.

Test results for equipment – all equipment must be thoroughly screened and tested to ensure zero-defect. In case it has defaulted, the decisions must be detailed and forwarded to the concerned party and recommend the necessary corrective measures.

Training and experience records – the skills, experiences, and training of employees must be documented. It helps to ensure that the employees are qualified to do their job.

Product or service change documentation – enough details must be provided when there is a need to change the product or service that the company gives. For example, it must outline why the change is essential and beneficial to the company than the existing product/service.

In conclusion, ISO9001 accreditation is a crucial protocol to be observed by any company that needs to stay on top of the chain.

How do you obtain ISO 9001 certification?

To acquire this accreditation, you have to present several documents outlining your processes, procedures, and standards in providing quality products or services. The team thoroughly checks the records, and after they ascertain that your company is in line with ISO 9001 standard, they will begin to process your certificate.

It is effortless to acquire ISO 9001. Besides, it makes your business transparent, and customers will be pouring at your doorstep, seeking the goods or services that you provide. Most people value the quality of a product. As a matter of fact, it is better to get a quality product at a high price than to get a cheap product with low quality.


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