Alternation School Work: what collaboration between tutors?

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The legislation dedicated to the Alternation School Work (Law 107/2015) enriches school education with the acquisition of skills acquired “in the field”, and promote the discovery of areas of interest and motivating learning styles. 

But which strategic professional figures intervene in a collaborative plan in the training course on Alternating School Work?

Two figures are particularly important: the internal tutor and the external tutor .

The internal tutor

The internal tutor, appointed by the scholastic institution, is the reference figure for informing the school bodies in charge (Headmaster, College of Teachers, Scientific Technical Committee / Scientific Committee), updating the Class Council on the course, assisting the Headmaster in the drafting of the evaluation sheet on the structures with which the agreements were stipulated, highlighting the training potential and any difficulties encountered.

However, the most important task is to establish a collaborative channel with the external tutor with whom to develop the personalized training path , guide the student through the paths and verify the correct progress, manage relations with the context in which the experience is developed, monitor the activities and address any critical issues.

The external tutor

The external tutor, selected by the host structure, ensures the connection between the host structure and the educational institution.

Represents the reference figure for the student within the company and performs the functions of: favoring their inclusion in the operating context, assisting them and assisting them along the path, guaranteeing information / training on specific company risks, planning and organizing activities based on the training project. Furthermore, its task is to involve the student in the process of evaluating the experience and to provide the educational institution with the elements agreed to evaluate the activities and the effectiveness of the training process.

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