Studying Europe on Instagram, you can!

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Not to get distracted, but as a means to work, and perhaps, as a new opportunity to “rejuvenate” the school. Maybe even prevent cyberbullying or carry out interdisciplinary projects starting from the interests of children.

In fact this app, very popular among young people, allows you to express a certain creativity . From the age of 13 children can enroll, although they often use it long before.

Also I am very much present on Instagram , I have a travel account and lifestyle, in which the public photos taken around the world or Milan. It was this personal research into the unpublished corners of Milan that gave me an idea.

That is to create a collective account with the second class of the lower secondary school, to be used as a logbook of a possible trip to the European states.

How to use Instagram for teaching?

As I told in a previous article , Instagram is a good support for school trips. With visual storytelling you can create a shared memory of what has been done: the kids feel they are the protagonists of the out-of-school experience that thus becomes more personal and interesting.

In the classroom the starting point can be the promotion of the territory. I, for example, asked the students, through the GirandoEuropa2D account , to do research on the various European countries we are studying, starting from Spain , looking for the history of the monuments, the natural aspects, the typical features or traditions.

GirandoEuropa2D: the phases of the project

phase 1 STUDIO

To start a project of this type you always have to start from the book. Children must be clear that the most important, verified and reliable information comes from the textbook . So in some presentation lessons, accompanied by home study, each state is deepened in its main aspects: physical, political, social and economic.


To make sure that the information is really acquired, personally, I have a detailed ID card made for each country in the notebook. So that at the end of the year, the notebook itself is a book of territorial knowledge, enriched with images and geographical maps.


When the first 3/4 states were studied; for us they were those of the Iberian peninsula, we will proceed to the subdivision of the pupils into small working groups. Everyone, at the end of the hours made available, will have to have decided which are the topics they would like to investigate further.

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