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Early Learning Education

Research proves how important the early schooling years of a child’s life are. This is where your children really learn what they will leave their entire lives by. So, to help you in this wonderful journey of your children’s learning, we aid you by giving our very best to you.

We are a premiere early learning center

We are a premiere early learning center based in Australia that not only understands the needs of the current parents but also the current little workers. That is why we provide our learning services and makes our work so fulfilling.

Our Services

But what really is our work? Our work includes a state-of-the-art learning center focused around your children. 

Here are some special highlights from our learning institutes:

Interactive Learning Sessions

Our interactive learning sessions encourage all children to not only take interest, but be proactive in their approach to education. We make use of several important audio-visuals, presentations, animations and what not to interest your children so they value their learning.

Inclusive curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to be inclusive for all, regardless or age, gender, social background and circumstances. Our inclusive programs are especially designed by experts in fields of education to make sure your child never gets left behind in any contexts. We take pride in the curriculum that we provide in Australia.

Focus on essential character traits

A specialty of the curriculum that we design for your child is that it does not only focus on the technicalities of learnings and teach books, it lays special emphasis on character and personality development. This is where our students, differ from those at any other.

Our Latest Blogs

Factors that affect the costs of daycare services in Toowoomba

One of the things that can impact the choices of a family and their budget is the cost of childcare services. This is because when parents are working, they have to ensure that they do everything they have to so that their child can be in a good daycare centre. Since the costs of the services offered in different daycare centres in Toowoomba are different, parents have to make very wise decisions about the daycare centre that they will take their child. They also have to ensure that the financial decisions that they make do not affect the child’s stay in the daycare they have chosen.

When most parents are looking for daycare centres for their children, there are several things that they have to consider when they are trying to find a day care in Toowoomba. Some of these things include:

–                  The location of the daycare centre

–                  The quality of services offered

–                  The number of caregivers

–                  The experience and qualification level of the caregivers

–                  The number of children in the daycare

–                  The type of facilities and equipment in the daycare

–                  The hygiene of the daycare centre

–                  The variety of meals offered

–                  The cost of services

When the parents are looking for all these things, there is one factor that will play a great role in helping the parents decide the daycare that they will select for their child. This is the cost of services. Every parent wants the best for their child’s, but they have to ensure that they send their child to the daycare centre that they can afford to pay without too much struggle.

Have you ever asked yourself how he daycare centres come up with the costs that they charge def Thor services they offer? They look at several factors, and they help them to determine the amount of money they can offer their services to their customers. The following are some of the factors that will determine the costs of the services that your child gets in a daycare centre in Toowoomba.


The caregiver to child ratio

Most of the people do not know that the ratio of the caregivers to the children is very important in determining the amount of money you will be paying for the services you get in a daycare centre. The younger the children that are in the daycare, the more the caregivers they need. This is because one child will require several caregivers to be taken care of as needed. For this reason, this makes the cost of the daycare services that children get to be higher.


The services offered at the daycare centre

There are daycares that offer care to children and also offer early education to them. In other daycares, the children are provided meals and snacks, are cleaned in the daycares, and have very quality facilities. The costs of daycare services in such daycares are expensive.

Amount of time spent in the daycare

The more time your child spends in the daycare, the more the amount of money you will be paying. For this reason, if you have to work for a whole day, then you will have to pay more than another parent working for several hours. This is because your child has to stay longer in the daycare centre.

Location of the daycare

When a daycare is located in an area where the living standards are high, the cost of the services offered is very high. If you take your child in a daycare that is located in a place where the living standard is very low, you will pay for very low costs of the services that you get.



Some Incredible Things That Your Child Will Learn At Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a project that proposes learning opportunities to develop social and academic skills in children. It prepares them for future schooling. It is a preschool in which the learning is based on performing different activities like playing, communicating, singing and storytelling. In kindergarten, your child would likely develop more confidence by being independent and possibly might be able to follow a scheduled routine. Kindergarten is a very important part of your child’s life as it is where the foundation skills are learned and embedded in a child. However, it might turn out to be one of the most exciting parts of your child’s life. Presenting you a few incredible things that your child will learn at kindergarten. They may appear small, but they have a major part in forming your child’s future.

Academic skills

In kindergarten, your child will learn many academic skills. They will be learning and doing several activities on aspects of math, reading, and writing that would help them in later grades.
In maths, your child will learn to count and sort using different objects like cubes, buttons, and props. In reading, your child will learn letters with their sounds, rhyming words, and in the end, they might even start to read properly. Moreover, he will learn to write the letters in both uppercase and lowercase.

Social skills

They will learn social skills like expressing their feelings. A child should be able to express his feelings using words or else he would express them by anger, hitting and throwing things. Moreover, they will learn how to interact with others and how to work in a team. They will learn that working in a team does not make them something less than others rather it can get a job done more appropriately. However, these skills will help him in the long run throughout his life.


A child trained to be independent in the early stages of his life has a greater tendency to accomplish greatness in and out of school. Your child should know how to make decisions independently. In kindergarten melbourne, they will learn how to make decisions on their own. The teachers let the children have a little control that assists in developing their decision-making skills and their independence too. Moreover, do not always hurry to solve minor problems of your child let them solve their problems on their own. The teachers encourage them to solve their problems which makes them more confident and independent.

These are some incredible things that your child will learn at kindergarten. He will learn to be independent and self-sufficient. Moreover, he will develop academic and social skills. These skills will serve as a foundation in your child’s life. Going to kindergarten might be the most happening, important and life-changing experience in a child’s life.

Studying Europe on Instagram, you can!

Not to get distracted, but as a means to work, and perhaps, as a new opportunity to “rejuvenate” the school. Maybe even prevent cyberbullying or carry out interdisciplinary projects starting from the interests of children.

In fact this app, very popular among young people, allows you to express a certain creativity . From the age of 13 children can enroll, although they often use it long before.

Also I am very much present on Instagram , I have a travel account and lifestyle, in which the public photos taken around the world or Milan. It was this personal research into the unpublished corners of Milan that gave me an idea.

That is to create a collective account with the second class of the lower secondary school, to be used as a logbook of a possible trip to the European states.

How to use Instagram for teaching?

As I told in a previous article , Instagram is a good support for school trips. With visual storytelling you can create a shared memory of what has been done: the kids feel they are the protagonists of the out-of-school experience that thus becomes more personal and interesting.

In the classroom the starting point can be the promotion of the territory. I, for example, asked the students, through the GirandoEuropa2D account , to do research on the various European countries we are studying, starting from Spain , looking for the history of the monuments, the natural aspects, the typical features or traditions.

GirandoEuropa2D: the phases of the project

phase 1 STUDIO

To start a project of this type you always have to start from the book. Children must be clear that the most important, verified and reliable information comes from the textbook . So in some presentation lessons, accompanied by home study, each state is deepened in its main aspects: physical, political, social and economic.


To make sure that the information is really acquired, personally, I have a detailed ID card made for each country in the notebook. So that at the end of the year, the notebook itself is a book of territorial knowledge, enriched with images and geographical maps.


When the first 3/4 states were studied; for us they were those of the Iberian peninsula, we will proceed to the subdivision of the pupils into small working groups. Everyone, at the end of the hours made available, will have to have decided which are the topics they would like to investigate further.

Alternation School Work: what collaboration between tutors?

The legislation dedicated to the Alternation School Work (Law 107/2015) enriches school education with the acquisition of skills acquired “in the field”, and promote the discovery of areas of interest and motivating learning styles. 

But which strategic professional figures intervene in a collaborative plan in the training course on Alternating School Work?

Two figures are particularly important: the internal tutor and the external tutor .

The internal tutor

The internal tutor, appointed by the scholastic institution, is the reference figure for informing the school bodies in charge (Headmaster, College of Teachers, Scientific Technical Committee / Scientific Committee), updating the Class Council on the course, assisting the Headmaster in the drafting of the evaluation sheet on the structures with which the agreements were stipulated, highlighting the training potential and any difficulties encountered.

However, the most important task is to establish a collaborative channel with the external tutor with whom to develop the personalized training path , guide the student through the paths and verify the correct progress, manage relations with the context in which the experience is developed, monitor the activities and address any critical issues.

The external tutor

The external tutor, selected by the host structure, ensures the connection between the host structure and the educational institution.

Represents the reference figure for the student within the company and performs the functions of: favoring their inclusion in the operating context, assisting them and assisting them along the path, guaranteeing information / training on specific company risks, planning and organizing activities based on the training project. Furthermore, its task is to involve the student in the process of evaluating the experience and to provide the educational institution with the elements agreed to evaluate the activities and the effectiveness of the training process.

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